World's #1 Organic Growth System

ULTIMATE Retail Growth® 2.0

We're looking for our next 3 established Shopify brands who are seriously ready to scale organically with the worlds' #1 Shopify Organic Growth System.

If that's you, our multi-award-winning team will build, upgrade or migrate you to a higher ranking, higher converting Shopify store in just 2-4 weeks using our world exclusive Shopify OS 2.0 tech...

And then, we'll execute the same award-winning growth strategies that are adding 6 & 7-figures to our clients e-commerce businesses in months.
Higher ranking, higher converting Shopify stores 
Multi-award-winning Shopify SEO & growth marketing agency established in 2010.
If you’re an existing Shopify retailer using a slow, out-dated, non-performing, Shopify 1.0 theme...
  • Struggling to grow and scale your store organically in the search engines..
  • Struggling to improve your page load speed...
  • ​​Struggling to eliminate collection page, content, keyword and meta data duplications...
  • ​Using product filter apps that BLOCK your filter pages from the search engines altogether...
  • ​Using product filter apps that cause MASS DUPLICATIONS of your root collection pages...
  • Wanting a competitive edge in the search engines…
  • ​Tired of rising ad costs with decreasing ROAS...
  • ​Tired of wasting $10,000's p/y agencies that can't deliver results because they're not dealing with Shopify's technical SEO root problems...
Or perhaps you’ve recently migrated to the Shopify platform and your organic rankings, traffic and conversions are in freefall...

Then we may be able to help...
We’re looking for our next 3 partners who want us to personally help them set up a higher ranking, higher-converting store with the world’s most technically advanced Shopify OS 2.0 theme for SEO in 2022 [developed by us]...

AND then want us to execute the same award winning organic growth strategies that are adding 6 and 7-figures to our clients e-commerce businesses in months...

So that they can dominate the search engines and build a more recognizable brand in their niche...

Maybe that's you?

Now before I tell you a little bit more about this opportunity, here's a little bit more about us...

I'm Kristin Mark and I'm the owner, founder and CEO of an international, multi-award-winning Shopify SEO & growth marketing agency called Kristin Mark Digital®...

And my team and I have helped over 1000 online retailers START, GROW & SCALE since 2010 and we've been responsible for $10M's of organic sales growth.

After working with 100's of 7 & 8 Figure Retailers over the last decade...

We've developed a proven, award-winning Growth Optimization Methodology using our own 'world exclusive' Shopify tech that helps retailers scale organically, fast. 

And now we’re looking to partner with a few more Shopify brands, where my team & I will implement the exact same “Growth Optimization” method that we’re using to add an additional 6 and 7-figures to our high profile ecommerce clients in just a few short months...in YOUR store...

WITHOUT you having to pay for any expensive ads...

WITHOUT you having to do anything, (except sit back and let us work our organic magic). Are you interested?

Then please pay close attention, as this could be the most important opportunity for scaling organically that you’ve ever been presented with...

This exclusive 7-Figure Shopify Growth Methodology is the best & quickest method that I’ve discovered to generate traffic, boost sales and, add an additional 6 and even 7-figures in bottom line revenue for Shopify stores within a few short months (how much you scale by will depend on where you are at right now.)

All without wasting time and money on websites and themes that won’t and don’t perform in the search engines and SEO strategies that don't deal with the root of Shopify's technical SEO problems like our solutions do.

We only work with a small number of clients each month where we know our growth system will work, so please book a call with us now to see if this is a good fit for your store. If it's not, we'll let you know that too. We'll do more SEO for you in 12 weeks than other agencies will do in 2 years.

Why this methodology works so well...
At the core of our service is our ‘exclusive’ Shopify OS 2.0 theme and filter tech. It's the best, and most technically advanced Shopify theme in the world for SEO & Conversions. No other company in the world can offer you this technology...
The next generation of OS 2.0 

Best OS 2.0 Theme For SEO

Our exclusive Shopify tech is the best and most algorithm aligned Shopify OS 2.0 theme in the world for SEO. It has...
  • Optimized, algorithm aligned code for all devices for
  • A page load speed of 580ms
  • 90+ SEO & conversion boosting features 
  • ​Will save you over $3K per year on apps
  • ​Advanced structured data
  • ​The only product filter tech in the world that unleashes 100's if not 1000's more high-converting landing pages in the search engines
This technology and solution is perfect for stores with large inventories and complex filtering requirements and stores with 'Shop by Brand' and 'Shop by Product Type'. 
How it works
And how we can help you add a 6 or even 7-figure growth to your store in months...

Foundations for growth

We'll set you up with best Shopify OS 2.0 technical SEO 'tech-stack' on the planet to help you maximize your exposure in the search engines and drive traffic and conversions fast. It's the same tech stack that we use for our 7 & 8 Figure clients which will give us the foundations for scaling your e-commerce business. 

Conversion optimization

We'll upgrade your store [using our core OS 2.0 theme] to your design spec using our own high converting page layouts based on over 12 years of conversion and optimization expertise and then, we'll optimize every single page of your store [including products] by aligning it with Google's algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors.  


AAP® SEO product filters

We'll design, plan, install and configure your store with the only Shopify Product Filter system in the world that unleashes 100's if not 1000’s of extra high converting, fully optimized landing pages in the search engines which will help supercharge your organic traffic and conversions, fast. 

Traffic floodgate

Once we know your store is ready, and your store converts, we’ll then open up the traffic floodgates by unleashing your store’s newly optimized pages in the search engines with our FASTRACK INDEXING process. 

Data science

We'll then build a series of automated performance analysis reports so that you can monitor and track your organic growth and have business critical information at your fingertips to help you make informed decisions to help you scale. 

Backend boosting

It doesn’t stop there, we have a team of technical SEO experts dedicated to optimizing your store's organic performance 'post launch' up to the initial 12-week period ends to ensure your upgrade has gone smoothly and then we'll research, design, produce and publish a high-end, intent-based SEO content marketing strategy that will drive high-converting traffic, attract high-quality links and will influence potential customers during the purchasing cycle.
Brands that have already achieved a substantial 
6 or 7-figure growth using our growth system...

488% Organic Growth in 7-Months

"Our website is receiving more traffic than ever before, email and phone inquiries have gone up and our online sales in the past 2 months are almost equal to the entire year before."

Igor Kivritski - Hificentre.com

7 Figure Growth in 15-Months

"Last year we almost doubled our previous year for like for like sales and we have doubled our turnover in the 15 months we have been working with you."

Chuck Bowen - Missionmercantile.com

From 0 to 7-Figures in 2 years

Lee Turner - Duelautocare.co.uk

How to apply...
So if you're seriously interested in us executing this growth optimization methodology in your store, you have the funds to invest and you are ready to get started straight away, then we're waiting for your call. Please click the link below and fill in a detailed application form to determine if we're a good fit for each other... 
Please find answers to our most commonly asked questions below.
Who is this premium service for?

The URG 2.0 service is for any established retailer with a proven business model who wants us to help them scale organically fast, using world-exclusive technologies and methodologies that no other agency in the world can offer. 
How much will it cost?

Each project is priced individually based on the number of SKU's that you have as we typically manually optimize your product feed for the search engines, our filter tech and the Google Shopping Comparison Service. 
What's included in the service?

We do the store design, the store build, product and store optimization, filter-tech planning, installation and configuration, pre and post launch technical audits and produce and publish the SEO content marketing strategy.
Which bits do I do?

You partner with us to achieve the best possible results. Provide necessary information, assets and access as required in a timely fashion.
What happens when my store goes live?

You will be responsible for running and managing your own e-commerce business and store management and store as you see fit. Focus and attention will then switch to your content strategy for the remainder of the 12 weeks service.
What happens after the 12-weeks?

We have a number of ongoing services available for you to continue working with us closely from just $997 per month.
Who is responsible for post launch site maintenance?

Once you have signed off your store design and it has gone live, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining your own store. We provide you with extensive theme documentation and Shopify support links to help you manage and maintain your own store. We can provide quotes for any kind of additional design or development request. Technical Fix on Fail support is free (terms apply - see full).

I’m not currently using Shopify, can you help me migrate?

Yes, a full migration service is included in our Enterprise program. We’ll protect your current rankings, traffic and conversions. Additional costs may apply for data import, depending on how many records you have for previous customers, and orders etc. 
What is the timetable to build?

Build time is 2 - 4 weeks (based on 1000 SKU's) from when we have received your completed 'on-boarding' form' and have verified that we have all necessary information required to start your build - we will confirm this and will sign it off after receiving this.
How can I monitor your progress?

We're very open and transparent about what we do and how we do it so we give you full access to your specific project development plan with links to 'collaborative' working documents so you can track and monitor every stage of the process.
Do you offer any guarantee?

This is a service and there is no guarantee in any business, but we do guarantee to deliver the service deliverables. The results you may or may not achieve are our down to your own business experience and will vary based upon the effort and education of your employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control.
Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we can typically spread the cost over 3 months. Pricing depends on # of SKU's to be initially optimized. Once we have received a signed e-proposal, you will be forwarded a company invoice for tax and accounting purposes.
When can you start?

Almost immediately, you'll receive your personalized on-boarding project within 48 working hours of completing your order with us and you have reserved your project time with us.
PLEASE NOTE: VAT is applicable to UK Clients.
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